Tintin Fans
Gameloft develops The Adventures of Tintin Game for Mobile Phones, Smartphones and Tablets (iPhone, iPad et Android) and just released the teaser trailer of the game that will be launched simultaneously with the film in October 2011.

More informations on the Facebook page of Gameloft.
The Euro Space Center and the Hergé Museum are working together on a project to promote science and technology with the help of the magical universe of Tintin.

When Tintin sets foot on the island that could be the location of Red Rackham's treasure, he is struck dumb in amazement. He discovers parrots that are still squawking Sir Francis Haddock's insults, many generations after the illustrious Sir Francis left the island. Are we nothing more than parrots ourselves? Where do all the languages we speak today come from? Is there a unique and original language?