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The ASA is preparing to launch the book The Art of The Adventures of Tintin, with forewords by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. It is a hardcover book and dust jacket, which accompanies the movie " The Secret of the Unicorn "premiered recently, which has as its starting point the Tintin albums. The animation, visual effects and 3D design of this film were developed by Weta and The Art of The Adventures of Tintin was created by artists who transposed the work of Hergé to the big screen. From the earliest conceptual illustrations to scenes, such as we saw on the screen, through the material that was being developed, however, this book provides all fans a unique insight into the creative process that involves the making of a film of this genre. The book also includes some "artwork" produced exclusively for this edition and will have a circulation of 1,000 copies only. The cover price will be around € 35. Here are some shots from the book:
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