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By now you have probably header about this evil man called Joseph Kony. By the way, he is a Ugandan and leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). What he does is this: he kidnaps kids and makes them terrorist. He even makes them kill their own parents! Until now, he has kidnapped thousands of children along with women as sex slaves. If you still didnt get it, scroll down and watch the documentary. 

So, as you know, Tintin team can't stand these kind of things. So, Tintin, Snowy, Captain, and Professor Calculus along with Thom(p)sons are off to a new adventure: hunting Joseph Kony! haha

Here is what I know~~~~HB

Captain Haddock seems really mad at Kony: 
He is off to get his revenge!! REVENGE... 

Tintin is all ready to bring this mad man down.
Snowy too!! He is always ready. 
Captain was reading the paper to professor, but as you know, he is a little hard at hearing stuff...
So, he doesn't even know about it yet. But guess what will happen if he knows?  Remember ACTING THE GOAT??!!
And guess what?...
The Twins are the special agents sent to Uganda ~~~ and as always he will surprise tintin when they get there... They always pop up. 

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