Tintin Fans

On 25 September, a press conference was held at the Belgian Embassy in Warsaw, to present:

- The latest editions of The Adventures of Tintin published in Poland by Egmont Polska.

- The Ubisoft Tintin computer game derived from the upcoming Spielberg Tintin film.

Representatives from Casterman and Moulinsart were also available to answer questions.

Twelve Tintin titles were already published by Egmont Polska in 2009 (see pictures 2009).
In November, Egmont Polska will publish the rest of the series including the incomplete final adventure Tintin and Alph Art (see pictures 2011).

Tintin = Tintina / Tintin

Snowy = Milus

Haddock = Barylka

Thomson = Tajniak

Thompson = Jawniak

Professor Calculus = Profesor Lakmus

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